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Exceptional Mindset is Hosting a Summer Kickoff Concert with SoundLife Music Academy!

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Summer Kickoff Concert! The virtual event will take place on June 5th at 3:30 pm PST via Facebook Live.

Our Founder and Executive Director Rachel Kirshenbaum stated: “Kids need the benefits of mindfulness now more than ever. Every dollar that we raise during our event will go directly toward funding mindfulness-based tutoring for our clients. We hope to not only assist children with their academics but with all aspects of life.”

The upcoming Summer Kickoff Concert will showcase a variety of young artists and bands enrolled in SoundLife Music Academy, including punk band Brother, rock band TBD, and solo artist Natalie Bernstein.

The event will be hosted by Mary Kennedy, a professional comedian and actor who has been featured in works such as Girl Callin, AfterGlow: The ‘80s Musical Experience, and Showtime’s Shameless.

Exceptional Mindset Tutors and SoundLife Music Academy will provide a complimentary children’s yoga class or music lesson for every guest who donates over $50.

To RSVP to the Summer Kickoff Concert, you can click the following link:

We can't wait to rock out with you!


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