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Yoga & Meditation

We created Exceptional Mindset Tutors (EMT) to

provide families with more than just a traditional

tutoring program.

  • Meditation-based interventions, like yoga and mindfulness, are now considered standard protocol alongside traditional pharmacological and psychological treatments to optimize mental health.

  • Meditation & yoga practices involve the development of strengthened awareness, emotion regulation skills, calmness and contentment, and a more unified sense of self. It's also known to give kids a confidence boost! 

  • Studies have found that children with ADHD who engaged in meditation exhibited fewer symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness, & inattention.

  • These practices are beneficial for children with other exceptional needs as well. For example, yoga helps children with ASD learn how to express their emotions effectively.

  • Our teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge of  mindfulness and movement with their students and are dedicated towards helping children grow emotionally.  

little girl doing yoga

Check out a quick yoga demo from one of our certified instructors, Aria!


Our Yoga Instructors



Yoga Instructor

Education: Annee is a recent graduate of UW-Madison with a B.S. in Dance and Psychology.


Background: She spent three summers working as an overnight camp counselor, where she was responsible for children of various ages and abilities. In 2018, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Since then, she has taught adults and children at various studios around the world. She typically leads an active-style vinyasa flow with a different theme threading throughout each class. She loves to focus on chakras, or energy centers, to guide herself and her students through class, building a strong connection of mind and spirit. With her experience as a yoga and dance instructor, she believes in the power of movement as a way to connect individuals and positively impact mental health. She hopes that her students can find themselves in moving meditation, linking breath with movement, and feeling comfortable whether it’s their first or 400th class!

Interests: In her free time, Annee loves to choreograph new dances, spend time with friends & family, and cook vegetarian meals!



Yoga Instructor

Background: Aria loves teaching yoga to kids! Their enthusiasm, excitement, and honesty create a powerful space for Aria and her students to engage in meaningful movement, mindful breathing, and fun, story-telling yoga. Aria infuses all sorts of stories into her yoga classes: classic myths like Hercules, stories from around the world, and modern-day hero tales like Spiderman, to name a few. Aria has been teaching yoga since 2005, and teaching to kids since 2010. She believes in yoga as a powerful and practical tool to help kids manage strong emotions and bodily energy. When she’s not teaching kids, you can find her teaching yoga to adults, pregnant women, and the elderly. Aria is also a regular contributor to LA Yoga Magazine.

Interests: In her spare time, Aria loves cooking, dancing, and going to the dog beach with her daughter and her German Shepherd.

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