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7 Toys for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

As the importance of mindfulness becomes more apparent, it is being implemented more and more into our everyday lives. Seeing as mindfulness is a beneficial skill for children to learn early in life, and children learn best through play, mindfulness toys are becoming increasingly popular!

The goal of these kinds of toys is to help kids become more present and more aware of their thoughts and feelings. Below I've compiled a list of 7 great mindfulness toys for children of all ages!

1. Bubble Sensory Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are especially beneficial for kids with ADHD, autism, anxiety, or those who struggle with inattention. Bubble fidget toys are designed to help relieve stress and restore mood. The “Pop, Pop, Pop” sounds are found to be very satisfying and can help kids decompress. These toys can also help children be more mindful by focusing on the sound of each bubble as they pop.

You can buy your own here!

2. Mindfulness Cards by @thecalmclassroom

Credit: @thecalmclassroom

According to the product description on Etsy, this set of 24 mindfulness exercise cards was designed with children (and adults) in mind and is perfect for clam down corners, talking circles, or anytime you simply need to take a mindful moment. The cards include different mindfulness activities that are simple and easy for kids to understand. They are also a great tool to help boost children’s social and emotional learning!

You can buy them here or check out the company's Instagram page!

3. HappyMe Journal by @happyselfjournal


The HappyMe Journal for kids is based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness, help kids develop healthy and positive habits, and nurture enquiring minds. The journals are available for three different age groups: 3-6, 6-12, and 12+. Your kids can use the journals to focus on practicing a few minutes of mindfulness each day.

You can buy it here or check out the company's Instagram page!

4. MindPanda SnapHappy Game

This game helps children develop social skills and emotional intelligence! Each card features a different feeling or emotion. When a card is won, you will be tasked with three different prompts to help you discuss that emotion and what it means to you. The game is both educational and hilariously funny and is also designed to help you connect on a deeper level with those close to you!

You can buy it here!

5. Flow & Phreeze Yoga Game

This yoga mat is designed for children ages 4-9. The product can help kids learn yoga easily and effortlessly with step-by-step pictures, videos, and a free app. This mat is not just a yoga mat, but also an educational tool that turns yoga into a fun game your kids will love! The mat uses mindful-based learning to improve flexibility, motor coordination, physical alignment, and well-being. The free app + built-in yoga exercises also help improve

focus by keeping kids engaged for

longer periods of time!

You can buy it here!

6. Mindfulness Coloring Book

Coloring is a great way to introduce mindfulness to your kids. The Mindfulness Coloring Book for Children, in particular, can help children of all ages practice mindful coloring. The book is filled with calming shapes and patterns that are fun to color and will help enhance a peaceful sense of well-being while also encouraging concentration skills. It was also designed by an experienced teacher who has been teaching mindfulness to children for years!

You can buy your own here!

7. Mindful Maze Boards from hand2mind

Mindfulness maze boards help to support social and emotional learning and mindfulness by providing a hands-on, easy-to-use tool to develop self-management skills and teach children how to self-soothe. Each set includes 3 double-sided boards with indented finger paths which incorporate tactile prompts for inhaling, exhaling, and pausing to guide the child through breathing exercises.

You can buy it here!

All of these toys and games are great tools to help teach children mindfulness and foster their social and emotional learning. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they're also extremely educational!

This is not an exhaustive list, so if these toys interest you or sound like something your child would enjoy, I encourage you to check out some other mindfulness toys available online!


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