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5 Academic and Emotional Benefits of Summer Tutoring

With the end of the school year approaching, students are beginning to buzz with excitement, ready to enjoy a long-awaited summer vacation. While all students deserve a break from school to relish in the summer sunshine, especially after the events of this past year, many students may suffer from something known as the “summer slide”.

Studies have shown that students can lose up to two months of content over the summer if they don’t have academic support, and after a year of remote learning, the loss could be even greater this upcoming summer. As we know, the switch to online school from in-person instruction has already significantly impacted learning. This summer break has the potential to add to that effect.

But here's the good news! Enrolling your child in a summer tutoring program can definitely help to combat these issues and keep their mind stimulated throughout the summer months!

Here are some of the many benefits of summer tutoring:

1. Bridge the Gap

If your student struggled to grasp certain concepts or subject material over the school year, then it is likely that they will lose progress over the summer if they don't have the proper support. However, a summer tutor can help your child in their areas of weakness by providing them with one-on-one assistance and individualized attention. Tutors can help review and clarify confusing material and make a customized plan to help your child master the concepts they're struggling with. This will help your child feel more confident in their abilities and more motivated for the upcoming school year!

2. Boost Performance by Getting Ahead

Summer is an optimal time to get ahead and boost academic performance! Once a student has worked on some of those concepts that they didn’t understand, tutoring is a great opportunity to get a jump-start on new material for the upcoming school year. Tutors can work with students to figure out a plan that best suits their needs, as well as introduce them to some of the subject material they will be learning in the next school year.

In addition, if your child is taking new or more advanced classes in the fall, they may be unfamiliar with the concepts. Tutors can help reduce the stress that comes with this unfamiliarity by previewing the new material and setting up your student for success when class begins.

3. Create/Implement a Structured Routine

After an entire year of remote learning, many students no longer have a sense of structure around their school day...which has led to a lot of stress. While summer is a time to loosen your routine and allow your kids some freedom and flexibility, many children may actually be longing for some structure after this past year.

Summer tutoring can help provide this sense of routine without overworking your kids. Regularly scheduled sessions will add a little extra structure and accountability over the summer months. In addition, summer tutors can help students create an effective routine for the upcoming school year, whether it be in-person or online, which can be beneficial for your kids' organization and time management skills!

4. Cope with Anxiety

Whether your child struggles with test-related anxiety or is just generally anxious about this upcoming school year, summer tutoring can help soothe these uneasy feelings. Most school districts and leaders expect to offer all instruction in person for the 2021-2022 school year. While this is an exciting opportunity for students to be back together in the classroom, this shift may be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming to some.

Despite the challenges that online learning has presented, some kids may be worried about feeling behind when things move back to the classroom. Summer tutors can help prepare students for the shift back to in-person instruction, especially if they are able to safely meet with the student in person for their sessions. Tutors can also work with students to develop healthy (or mindful!) habits and techniques to deal with stress!

5. Rediscover the Fun of Learning

Sometimes students lose interest in learning over the course of the school year, and “zoom fatigue” has definitely exacerbated those issues over this past year. Many students have reported feeling unmotivated during remote learning, which has lead to a decline in their academic performance and achievement.

Summer tutoring can help reignite your kids' love for learning and get them excited and for the upcoming school year! Summer tutoring doesn’t have to be as regimented if you don’t want it to be. Tutors can help students explore their interests and passions, and engage in projects and assignments that will captivate their attention. Summer tutoring is also a great way to blend summer fun with learning via hands-on activities. Sometimes students learn best through play...what better time to do that than over the summer!

Looking for a summer tutor for your kids? We've got you covered!

Sign up for a free consultation call to find out more about our mindful tutoring sessions. We want to see your kids thrive!


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